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Price List

Clipper Cut

Standard haircut done by clipper.

Scissors Cut

Standard haircut done by scissors only and Wahl detailer around hairline if is necessary.

Skin fade

Back and sides done by small Wahl detailer, maybe foil shaver. Top could be done by scissors or hair clipper as but to be longer than sides.

Artistic cut

Any artistic cut: cut more than 2inch, layered, V-cut, undercut, etc.

Clipper Cut, Shampoo, Finish (from)

Clipper cut, shampoo, conditioner, blasted blow dry (short hair).

Scissors Cut, Shampoo, Finish (from)

Scissors cut, shampoo, conditioner, blasted blow-dry (short hair). 

Skin fade, Shampoo, Finish (from)

Skin fade, shampoo, conditioner, blow- dry blasted (short hair).

Artistic cut, shampoo, finish (from)

Artistic cut, shampoo, conditioner, blow- dry blasted (short hair)

Scissors cut, the Venetian blow-dry styling (short hair)

Scissors cut (up to 2inch), shampoo, conditioning, blow- dry, straightening (sleek and smooth), styling.

Scissors cut, shampoo, conditioning, blow-dry straightening (sleek and smooth) styling

Scissors cut (up to 2inch), shampoo, conditioning, blow- dry, straightening (sleek and smooth), styling- Medium long hair.

Scissors cut, shampoo, conditioning, blow-dry, straightening(sleek and smooth) styling

Scissors cut (up to 2inch), shampoo, conditioning, blow- dry, straightening (sleek and smooth), styling- Long hair.

Artistic cut, shampoo, conditioning, blow-dry styling (sleek and smooth) styling

Artistic cut, shampoo, conditioning, blow- dry, straightening (sleek and smooth), styling- short hair.


Shampoo, conditioning, blow-dry, finish (sleek and smooth)


Shampoo, conditioning, finish (festive waves).


Shampoo, conditioning, finish (beach hair).


Shampoo, conditioning, finish (glam curls).


Shampoo, conditioning, blasted blow-dry styling.


Blasted blow- dry only(no washing).

Beard trim
Beard trim, hair clipper shape up
Beard trim, shape up (cutthroat)
Hot towel shave (beard)
Hot towel shave (head)
Hot towel shave (head), beard trim, shape up (cutthroat)
The Our Way grooming package

Head shave, beard trimming, shape up (hair clipper).

The Our way grooming hudds (beard shaving and clipper cut) - from
The our Way turkish style (hot towel shave/beard, clipper cut, shampoo, finish) - from
Eyebrows trimming, shape up (hair clipper)
Eyebrows trimming, shape up (cutthroat, tweezers)
Hot towel shave (head)
Festive Hairstyle (From)

Shampoo, blow-dry styling, finish.

Hair Up (From)

Shampoo, blow-dry styling, finish.

Haircut (Under Age 12)
Special Christmas Working Hours

Hi Guys, 

   I hope that you are all keeping well.

 I love this time of year. It's so magical and special to me. 

Even when we have some worries, the Christmas time is period to let it go and to enjoy in this magic.

Now, I would like to update you on my working hours for Christmas Holidays.

24/12/2021- 09AM - 3PM

25/12/2021 - CLOSED

26/12/2021 - CLOSED

27/12/2021 - CLOSED

28/12/2021 - CLOSED

29/12/2021, 30/12/2021 -(NORMAL HOURS)

31/12/2021 - 09AM - 3PM

01/01/2022 - CLOSED 

02/01/2022 - CLOSED 


Thank you for your love and support. 

Louise's Christmas Working Hours (reflexology)

Hi guys, 

   Just to let you know that Louise is going on holiday.

  Her last day at work will be tomorrow on the 10/12/2021.

She will be back on the 11/01/2022.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us for more info. 

Thank you guys for your support!

Wear a mask mandatory back

Hi guys,

   I hope that you are all keeping well during this unpredictable time.

 As you all know that because of this new Covid Omicron variant, our government have decided to put that measure WEAR A MASK MANDATORY.

 So, that means that we will be required to wear a mask in all shops, hotels, accommodations, hairdressers, etc. 

   It's been too long time since this situation started, but we need to be strong and stay focused on that how everything will be better after all this is gone. 

   If we all cooperate, we can pull this together. 

   Thank you very much for your time and support through all this time. This time is a challengeable for everyone. 

  Stay safe guys! 

   Love Roz. XX

Growing my business

Hello my dear clients, 😀🤗

We would like to update you on that what's new with your favourite hair salon. 🥳😇

As you all know my business is growing slowly, in a baby steps, but the most important thing is that we are still here for you. 🔝💯👏❤️

We are still working on that to help you and to make you feel special every day in a year. 😇❤️

Recently, Louise joined to my business on 25 Southgate, in Huddersfield. 📯❤️✨

She is a qualified reflexologist. 😀❤️

Her motto is: "Reflexology For Better Life." 


Because, that's what it is; very important part of our life and we all need it. 😀😇👍

From now on, you can book yourself for foot reflexology. 😀🤗📲👍

So why wouldn't you, beside that you have your favourite hair salon, why not to have your favourite reflexologist too? 😇👏💯👍


Please, do not hesitate to contact me for more info about Louise's contact details and how to book for your treatment. 😀📲🤗🔝

Thanks, 😀




We have some news for you!

Since I have opened my business for the first time I have decided to make some changes about the prices for my services. 

From 01/11/2021 the prices for all my services will be increased up to 15% 

I am making some changes about pensioner's and student's discount too. 

Pensioners can get their discounted services every Tuesday from 9am till 1pm.

Students can get their discounted services every Tuesday from 2pm till 6pm. 

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

I am still offering to all my clients hot drinks and biscuits.

Olive oil and egg yolk hair mask

Hello again!

  To feed our hair from the outside our body, the best way to do that is a hair mask, of course. 

If you are dealing with a hair loss or if your hair is very thin and dull, I have a great solution for you. 

This is not something that I am just saying it, it's something that I am using for many years too.

Olive oil hair mask is one of the best hair masks for you hair. It hydrates your hair, repairs split ends and makes your hair shiny. 

Also, we all have these ingredients at home, they are natural and it's easy to make it. 

This hair mask will make your hands and nails looking great too. 

PREPARATION : put 1 egg yolk in a cup, add olive oil in it (just to cover that egg yolk) and mix it very well. 

Apply it onto your hair and massage it very good. This mask goes very good through your hair, however, if your hair is very thick or long double the ingredients. 

Leave mask on your hair for a couple of hours or even over night before you wash it out. 

After rinsing, shampoo and condition your hair as normal. 

Enjoy in your pampering time! 

TIP: The best shops where you can buy olive oil are Home Bargains and Savers. Because, they are selling the hand made olive oil and that's a type of oil you should use for hair or face masks. 

Autumn and Spring( very important time to take care of your hair, skin and nails).

Hiya guys!

   These two seasons of the year are very important for our body. 

In autumn and spring our body is going through big changes. 

Especially, then, we need to make sure that we are taking care of our body or to say it better, of our hair, skin, nails. So, make sure that you are doing the best you can.

 By taking care of your hair, skin and nails, you are taking care of yourself as well. To be completely healthy, all that should be very important to us.

 So, go today to the nearest drugstore and buy some vitamins for yourself. 

Me, personally, I love to shop at the Holland and Barrett for my vitamins, healthy food, teas, etc. They have a great offer of products and deals too. 

That's what I have to say about feeding your hair , skin and nails from the inside out our body.

 Next time I will tell you what we all should do from the outside of our body. 

Fringe trim

Just a fringe trim.